Chicago IT Support

Chicago is a bustling mecca of organizations centered around technology, healthcare of the future, finances, education and more. Its wide variety of industries, impressive growth in the tech scene, up 17 percent from 2015, and promising startups have helped Chicago’s economy earn the title of most balanced in the nation. While technology has in large part facilitated a significant portion of the city’s growth, keeping network systems safe from cyber threats and continuously up and running is challenging for most organizations. Utilizing Chicago IT support services has become the preferred method which allows staff members within each company the opportunity to remain focused on more critical and appropriate tasks without concern over the company’s network which opens up so many simultaneous possibilities and risks.


Chicago IT Support Offers Numerous Advantages

Working with a third party IT support provider offers organizations of any size numerous advantages over managing a network in-house, including:


  • The ability to purchase the type of IT support that best meets your needs and save your company money. Full service and cost effective monthly coverage plans to hourly or per-project rates are available and can be adjusted on short notice when your internal needs change. No long term contracts are required.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your network with the most up to date tools available; the majority of concerns detected can be corrected remotely without interruption to the daily flow of your organization and in less time than it would take for an in-house IT staff member to walk to the physical site of the problem.
  • Increased productivity for staff members, even if you keep one or more IT employees on hand. Chicago IT support requires a high degree of expertise to maintain the smooth operation of a network while keeping it safe from cyber attacks; by outsourcing these needs, staff members will have greater ability to remain engaged in more suitable roles, therefore increasing productivity within your company. Organizations with one or more IT employees will find our monitoring services and patching systems provide tremendous time savings.

Services for Financial, Educational, Healthcare Organizations and Beyond

Aqueity provides top notch Chicago IT support services to organizations within dozens of industries including financial, educational and healthcare sectors. Startups find our services highly valuable, as getting a strong foothold in the business world requires full dedication to product development, marketing and similar tasks that typically require the aid of a highly reliable network. No matter how unique your specific line-of-business applications, our technicians will take the time to familiarize themselves with your software in order to ensure the best IT support possible. Contact one of our professionals today to learn more about how we can keep your network up and running while increasing your bottom line.