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Chicago IT Services, IT Support, IT Consulting, and Managed IT Services

Are you a small business looking to expand? How can you keep up with technology demands when you have limited budget? Aqueity can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace and we can provide you with a dedicated IT support staff to ensure everything stays up and running the best way possible. Our affordable monthly solutions will support in-house experts or can provide you with the essentials you need for full-fledged IT support.

Who Are We?

Aqueity is Chicago’s leading IT consulting firm, providing a full spectrum of customized IT solutions to small and medium sized Chicago-based businesses. We help our clients achieve their business goals by implementing tools to boost efficiency, encourage productivity, and drive revenue. Our goal is to work with you and your employees to increase productivity and strengthen customer relationships. We know that managing IT services for your Chicago area business can be intimidating and confusing, but we are dedicated to helping our clients implement a sound, practical IT environment within their operations.

We provide IT solutions to help bridge the gap between customers, clients and locations in order to help make your business more efficient. Aqueity provides Unified Vision Managed IT Services, Project-Based IT Services, and On-Demand hourly IT Support Services.

Our dedicated staff provides attainable solutions to manage and operate IT infrastructure with a variety of comprehensive tools and skilled technical experts. Our trusted team of professionals offers superior end user support and we will be able to improve the performance and success of your organization.

What We Do

When you partner with Aqueity you can expect

  • Trained technical experts who will use their extensive knowledge -- and cutting-edge tools -- to keep your systems running with optimal performance
  • Scalable, flexible IT solutions that will allow your employees to remain focused on your core business
  • Predictable, affordable IT support costs that will reduce overhead and boost your business’s bottom line
  • Real-time, 24/7 IT support from friendly, knowledgeable support technicians

Our Chicago IT Support Services

Aqueity uses speed, simplicity, and technical experts to reduce organizational challenges and help companies managing their information technology structure. Our industry experts have been able to help clients in a variety of industries from finance and banking to medical and advertising. Aqueity provides 24/7 monitoring, hourly services and management along with project implementation, disaster recovery planning and more. Learn more about our services:

Where Are We?

Aqueity is headquartered in Oak Brook, IL on the southeast corner of Meyers and Butterfield Road in the Inland building complex. You can get to us by taking I88 to the Highland Avenue exit, then turn right on Butterfield Road. We provide IT Support Services to Chicago, Oak Brook, the Western suburbs, Northern suburbs, Aurora/Naperville, and surrounding areas.

Why You Need Us

Unlike other IT support companies, we have a different approach with our clients as we serve as trusted advisors to provide clients with the best service possible. Our customizable services model optimizes IT system performance and focuses on creating a sustainable IT environment that is cost-effective for our clients and provides valuable long-term results. Call us today to learn more about the Aqueity way and how we will improve your companies bottom line and improve your IT environment!

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