3 Critical Aspects of a Great IT Provider

3 Critical Aspects of a Great IT Provider

3 Critical Aspects of a Great IT Provider

Does Your IT Provider Measure Up?

It is probably safe to assume that if you are reading this article you are either in the search for a new IT provider or want to put your current provider to the test. In either case, we hope that this information will provide you with some clarity. Choosing an IT provider to handle your most important digital assets is no easy task. But once you determine the perfect fit, the overall efficiency of your organization will surely be enhanced.

Below we list 3 aspects of a great IT provider. First, obtaining a clear service-level agreement (SLA) protects both parties involved and outlines a list of expectations and timeframes you can refer to in the event of a discrepancy. Second, providers that conduct recurring review processes to discuss how well your organization's IT needs are being met and inquire about any necessary changes are displaying a sincere commitment to enhance the business association. Finally, the assignment of a dedicated lead engineer or main point of contact creates accountability for your IT provider and allows you to develop a genuine relationship with someone who clearly understands your needs.

A Well Defined SLA

A well-defined SLA creates clear goals with specified timeframes for both your organization and the IT provider involved. Without specified targets and objectives outlined in written form, it can be very difficult to determine which needs will be met by your IT provider and which remain the responsibility of your company. SLA's must be well established in order to provide this desired clarity; any company that fails to provide a formal agreement is setting the stage for disappointment in their clients.

The Recurring Review Process

In order to gauge your satisfaction with the IT services being completed, the best providers will conduct recurring review sessions to discuss the overall progress. During these meetings, any completed or upcoming projects may be reviewed to enhance and prepare for future events. Strategic recommendations from parties on either side of the agreement should be shared to determine if there are methods which can improve upon the existing IT services and better meet all needs.

A Main Point of Contact

Some IT providers fail to assign a main point of contact to each account, which tends to create frustration in clients. Without the ability to communicate with the same individual on a repeated basis, you may feel as if you are being juggled around and can encounter challenges when attempting to hold your provider accountable for commitments. Working with a main point of contact is a good sign that your IT provider is truly dedicated to meeting your needs and will follow through on any agreed upon issues.

A great IT provider will make sure you are completely satisfied with the services provided; if you are considering switching providers but are unsure how to determine which company would best meet your needs, contact us today to discuss your situation with a professional representative.