4 Tactics to Improve Your Company’s Security Posture

4 Tactics to Improve Your Company’s Security Posture

Security is a primary concern for most small and medium sized businesses. For those who are paying attention, data breaches have become commonplace among organizations of all sizes. With security threats evolving on a daily basis, it is critical that businesses take the necessary steps to improve their security posture.

Security posture encompasses all the resources that an organization utilizes in order to ensure that their security remains effective. This should not be overlooked, as it plays an essential role in the blanket of protection that your business has in place and allows you to notice vulnerabilities that exist.

The following steps will help improve your security posture and avoid security breaches when implemented.

Data Encryption


The act of data encryption goes a long way in regard to protecting confidential information that is stored on your company’s network or in the cloud. Encryption takes your data and renders it into a code that is only readable to those with the key. We would recommend encrypting your data whenever possible, including financial records, emails, and digital documents.


Third Party Assessment


There are methods to determining where your security budget should be spent in order to maximize protection. It can cost quite a bit of money to invest in protecting every piece of your network, but with a third-party assessment, you can easily determine the areas that should be prioritized. Cybersecurity companies can step in and help manage your organization’s cybersecurity risks so that you don’t have to worry about overspending to protect pieces that are already secure.


Security Awareness Training


Security awareness and training exercises are the cornerstone to a robust security posture. Employees need a clear direction when it comes to proper controls for security defense. As with any user adoption strategy, the impact to the employee needs to be communicated at every step of the journey, i.e. potential lost revenue, job loss, etc. Security awareness training is by far the strongest defense against cyber-attacks. Employees need phishing and social engineering exercises to be repeated regularly. Once a year training isn’t enough! The best aspect of the training is the fact that it's measurable. You can also track results and share with employees, so they can see progress in their security awareness.


Security Response Plan


There isn’t a single company that is impervious to attack, as most businesses experience some degree of security threats. In order to swiftly take action after an attack occurs, companies should prepare a security response plan. This plan outlines the steps that an organization will take in the event of a cyber-attack, and every department should be fully briefed to ensure success.

These 4 steps are a great place to start when it comes to strengthening your company’s security posture. This process should be ongoing, as threats are changing on a day to day basis. If you’d like to explore additional ways that your security posture can be improved, contact us at (630) 914-6928 or reach us through our contact form.