4 Tips to Advance Your Career

4 Tips to Advance Your Career

Interview preparation, improvements that can be made to your resume, how to ask for a raise, are career advancement tips that many have spoken about in detail. For those that are looking for a deeper dive into areas that are less often explored, here are some useful tips that will go a long way in regard to advancing your career.


Walk the Walk, Don’t Talk the Talk


It is easy to boast, and overly talk yourself up in the workplace. This behavior is often born out of insecurities, or even just an incorrect belief that it will improve your odds at success. Far more effective are actions. It’s actually quite simple; if you would like to see success, put in the work.



Overly hyping yourself up can be detrimental to your ability to succeed, as it can be a big turn off to your colleagues or managers. Additionally, too many people that talk themselves up are ultimately seen as people that fall short on their work, as everyone knows that you’re talking a big game, and witness the reality when you fail to follow through.


Instead of telling people what you’re going to do, actually do the work. They will notice.


Maintain Open Avenues for Potential Opportunities


It is quite common that individuals believe that they want to zig, and then later realize that they actually would like to zag. This can manifest in a decision to pursue a specific degree, only to decide later that your true calling exists elsewhere.


There are ways to retain value in the knowledge you’ve gained, despite wanting to take a different career path. As an example, if you majored in something creative, like music, look for ways to take this knowledge and relate it to a different profession. Maybe you’d like to create a company that licenses music, or maybe you want to design and implement a music app for smartphones, maybe you’d like to invest in music-related technology. The ability to remain nimble, and gracefully pivot is always possible if you set your mind to it.


Don't Burn Bridges!



Avoid getting caught up in your status and allowing this to tarnish professional relationships. Everyone that you interact with should view you as respectful, despite the differences that may exist in your title, financial standing, or education.


It can be easy to progress through the ranks of an organization or industry and lose sight of the fact that everyone you encounter deserves respect. Respect goes a long way in regard to building and maintaining a reputation, and your reputation plays a big role in your ability to experience success.


“A Go-to Reputation”


If you want to see success, establish yourself as the go-to person within a few areas of expertise. Becoming this person is challenging, as it requires a dominant level of skill in whatever areas you’re pursuing, but those in leadership positions love to have a go-to person on staff.


Filling this role, despite the specific area of expertise, means that you can be trusted and that you will work hard to ensure the task is completed successfully. Look for where you can fill this role, and work on building the knowledge and expertise required to succeed there.


There are a lot of things that professionals can include in their tactics when hoping to make career advancements, and these are just a few. These tips go above and beyond the cliché pieces of advice that most people already consider.


Despite what tactics you incorporate, always come at things with an open mind and accept yourself throughout the process, both your shortcomings and your successes. If you remain positive, strive for developing new skills, and work towards acquiring new knowledge, there is little that can stop your professional success.