5G is Coming. Are You Ready For A Fully Connected World?

5G is Coming. Are You Ready For A Fully Connected World?

5G Technology marks the 5th generation of mobile communications, and it will be nationwide by 2020. This evolution in communications will transform many aspects of our day to day life. 4G was launched in 2009, and its implementation had a significant impact on data capabilities and transmission speeds. 5G is built on the foundations of 4G, and will offer possibilities that will make 4G look like child’s play.


In order to get a sense of the power that 5G will provide, let’s compare it to what 4G is currently providing. A typical transmissions speed for 4G LTE smartphones is in the area of 25 Mbps depending on your provider.  This speed makes it easy to stream music, video, or surf the web without interruption. The connection speed that 5G will deliver users is over 10 Gbps, which is between 100 and 1000 times faster than 4G. This will allow for rapid downloads; downloading a full HD movie will take roughly 10 seconds on 5G.


The significant boost in speed is accompanied by expanded data transmission capabilities. Additionally, connection latency will be drastically reduced from about 50 milliseconds to 1 millisecond. This reduction will cut back on delay times within communications and increase transfer rates.


A Connected World

5G technology will move beyond smartphones, and deliver us the fully connected world of the Internet of Things. Millions of devices will have the ability to be connected simultaneously, which will allow for the development of an entirely new digital ecosystem.


With millions of devices connected at the same time in cities that are highly populated, 5G technology will likely be the needed advancement that allows for the creation of smart cities. Communication between devices will become a commonality, with smartphones linking to washing machines, coffee makers, and garage doors. You’ll be able to arrive home to a fresh cup of coffee and clothes that are ready to go in the dryer.


Car2Car & Virtual Reality

If this level of communication isn’t transformative enough, Car2Car communications are expected to improve in safety and efficiency. Feedback will be able to transmit that offers real time data on accidents and traffic conditions. Virtual reality will see advancements as well, making the generation of true virtual environments commonplace.


Data Driven Communication

The technology expected to see the most benefit from 5G will be data-based video calls and voice calls. These forms of communication won’t see any delay time or failure, which will ring true with mobile connectivity as well. Imagine the current difference in experience between streaming a movie while at home versus on a train or in a taxi. Currently there tends to be a significant difference in streaming latency and interruptions, however with 5G the quality will be identical.



The healthcare industry will also be taking advantage of the advancements provided by 5G. Remote surgical procedures will become a reality,  as connection reliability will no longer be a concern. Additionally, wireless healthcare will start to expand, as digital offerings in healthcare will become more affordable and easy to access.


So when can we expect this transformation to occur nationwide? The experts say that 2020 will be the year of 5G technology, as it becomes consolidated. There are already early implementations in place, as operators, manufacturers, and regulatory professionals are working on arranging a standard. Major advancements are just around the corner, and we’re extremely excited about the potential that the 5G future holds.