Aqueity SHIELD

Introducing Aqueity’s premier suite of security services – Aqueity SHIELD. In today’s world of ever increasing cyber threat IT security needs to be a top priority for not only IT leaders but business leaders as well. We believe that a truly effective security plan is multi-faceted, agile, and proactive to the constantly evolving threat landscape.  Aqueity’s team of security experts will work with you to develop a security plan that fits all of these characteristics but is also customized to fit the specific needs of your organization.

Aqueity SHIELD is comprised of four different categories: Security Health, It Security Threat Management, Enterprise Liability and Governance, and Detection, Analysis & Response. Each category includes a host of unique service offerings, however, they all work together to help your organization achieve an enhanced security posture.


Security Health

This is where your company will begin its journey towards becoming more secure. Aqueity’s experienced engineers will perform assessments and analysis on your infrastructure in order to get a clear picture of your company’s current security posture. Then we will propose the best plan of action to remediate any security deficiencies that were identified. Services include: External Vulnerability Assessment, Internal Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, and more.

IT Security Threat Management

IT Security Threat Management is designed to mitigate threats identified through a Security Health assessment. This is addressed with a very thorough defense-in-depth approach, ensuring company assets are well protected from all forms of cyber threats. Services include: Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus, DDoS Protection, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, Web Content Filtering, and more.

Enterprise Liability and Governance

With Enterprise Liability and Governance Aqueity will work with your team to design an enterprise wide information security program that will concentrate on providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability controls for your data and intellectual property. Services include: Information Security Program Development, State and Federal Regulation Compliance, Policy and Procedure Review and Design, and Incident Response & Readiness Review.

Detection, Analysis and Response

The scary truth in today’s world is that you have to plan as though you absolutely will experience a breach or security incident at some point, and if you do not know what is happening with your data it is nearly impossible to respond in a quick and decisive manner. Our Detection, Analysis, and Response solutions allow for your company to have a clear, real-time view of your environment so that you are able to respond to any issues that arise. Services include: Threat Analytics (SIEM), Log Management, Change Management, and more.


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