Are Your Employees The Key That Hackers Use To Infiltrate Your Company?

Are Your Employees The Key That Hackers Use To Infiltrate Your Company?

Many business leaders preoccupy themselves with concerns about outside malicious actors and the threat that these cyber criminals pose to their organization’s cyber security. Believe it or not, employee negligence is more likely to result in a data breach or some other form of cyber crime.


A 2018 report from Shreddit found that over 69% of reported breaches involved the misuse of data by insiders. This can partially be attributed to changes in the workplace landscape, as more and more organizations allow employees to work remotely, or offices promote open floor plans that can allow easy access to sensitive data.


There are a range of reasons that employees have ended up the biggest threat to their own companies, including a rise in phishing attacks and inadequate training methods. Despite this startling fact, there are several solutions that your organization can implement right away.

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Training & Testing Your Employees

There are a variety of topics that your employees should be informed on as it relates to cyber security. As a starter, they should be briefed on strong password security processes, including how to create an effective password and regularly update it to ensure protection.

Other training methods include company policy testing and how to avoid unauthorized software. A huge factor in ensuring that this training leads to improved behavior is regularly testing employees on these new protocols. Try to make this experience a positive one, and new behaviors will more easily take root.

Password Policies

As mentioned previously, password policies are extremely important. Passwords are your first line of defense, and should always remain as strong as possible in order to avoid a hack or data breach.

Experts recommend that passwords be fairly complex, utilizing letters, numbers, and symbols. Additionally, it is critical to avoid recycling old passwords, or resorting to familiar ones.

Locking Your Computer

Locking your computer should be instinctual, but unfortunately, many individuals don’t consider this process at all. Locking your computer is as simple as creating a password protected screen saver that is launched after 10-15 minutes of inactivity. You can also set up a reminder to lock your computer before leaving your desk in order to avoid an unlocked device being left unguarded.


KnowBe4 Training

Nothing is worse than investing your companies hard earned dollars into improving security posture just to have an employee fall for a phishing attack and see it all go to waste. At Aqueity we offer KnowBe4 training, which is a highly effective resource as it relates to cyber security. KnowBe4 has ranked as a top training solution for employee awareness training multiple years in a row. This solution allows companies to train their employees, simulate phishing attacks to test their training, and gain access to detailed stats and reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tool.

We would recommend implementing all of the above solutions in order to improve your employee’s awareness and ability to avoid cyber attacks. If you’d like to explore these techniques and other approaches in more detail, contact us at (630) 426-7256 or reach us via our online form.