Backups: They’re not just for PCs

Backups: They’re not just for PCs

Here at Aqueity, we regularly preach backing up the hard drive on your PC or laptop - but what about your mobile devices? Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for safeguarding your data in the event of corruption, accidental deletion, or theft.

Windows Phone

With the new Windows 8 operating system, backups for your Windows phone are automatically included. When you sign in with a Windows Live account and turn on the backup options, all of your apps, pictures, and contacts are saved by default to Hotmail or your associated SkyDrive account.

iPhone and iPad

Apple devices can also be backed up in the cloud, through iCloud tied to iTunes. You can enable an automatic iCloud backup for your most important data by going to 'Settings' then 'iCloud and Storage & Backup' on your phone. Activating this option will run an automatic daily backup for your pictures, accounts, documents, and settings. There's also a manual backup option on the same pathway.

In addition, when iCloud is enabled, your device is automatically backed up every time you sync with iTunes, so your music and video backups are kept current.


While the Android platform does provide an automatic option that saves to Gmail by default, the built-in system only stores apps and contacts. However, there are a couple of free apps that let you save everything else.

SMS Backup & Restore gives you local phone storage backup, with automatic scheduled backups and the ability to email backup files in XML format. This is a flexible app that can be moved between phones, regardless of the Android version you're using.

If you're looking for cloud storage, SMS Backup + stores SMS, MMS, and call log entries in your Gmail account, enabling access to your backed-up files from any device with an Internet connection.


For those running a BlackBerry device, there's BlackBerry Desktop Management software. While this requires manual backup via a hard connection, the software lets you sync everything on your device to your PC and vice versa. There's also a device switch wizard that makes for easy data transfer between devices.