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Areas of Focus For The CIO In 2020


CIOs understand more than most that technology changes at a rapid rate. The rate at which technology changes is the biggest reason that CIOs need to focus on emerging tech and how it affects security at their company. This includes both advancements to tools that can assist security processes, as well as new threats and how they are evolving.

2020 will bring about major technological changes, which is why we want to highlight a few focus areas for CIOs in the new year.

The Rise of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a transformational technology, and it is really beginning to develop and take root. Being that one of the many roles of CIO is to vet and evaluate new technology, every CIO should have quantum computing on their radar. Security is a focus for all CIOs. Malicious actors are beginning to incorporate quantum computing into their nefarious activities in order to crack encryption algorithms, which makes quantum computing a critical technology to understand.

It is important to note that most organizations will not have access to a quantum computer, however, the technology is still extremely relevant from a security perspective. Despite the lack of access, CIOs should remain aware of the technology in order to look for opportunities and challenges that arise from its existence. There is no doubt that the role of quantum computing will continue to grow in the years ahead.

Security as a CIO’s North Star

As technology advances, the primary focus of a CIO will naturally become security. Despite the presence of CISO or ISO at many organizations, who are responsible for security, CIOs must still become Jedi’s when it comes to security threats and how to avoid them and mitigate damage.

Security threats are only going to evolve, and CIOs should understand the risks associated with new technologies as these threats develop and take new forms. Additionally, the CIO should make sure that all employees are knowledgeable on the topic of security, and the specific threats that their organization faces. Every employee is a security partner and should be doing their absolute best to ensure safety by remaining educated on the topic of security.

There are many ways for CIOs to become security Jedi’s, including reading articles, having conversations with team members, and attending conferences that focus on security.

Widespread Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI is quickly becoming a mainstream technology and is disrupting the way in which organizations operate. Automation through robotics and other technologies are transforming daily tasks, and how many workers carry out their jobs.

AI is also providing businesses an entirely new set of possibilities when it comes to security and data mining. There are tools powered by AI that have the ability to detect suspicious activity on a network or platform and thwart an attack before it takes place. It is the CIO’s responsibility to examine AI and determine how it can be incorporated into their organization’s processes in order to improve efficiency and security.

There are so many ways that the role of the CIO is changing along with the development of new technologies. 2020 will continue this trend, and the previous three focus areas are only the beginning. New technology is exciting, as it often presents new business opportunities for those that are aware of the possibilities. However, new technology also presents new threats, which is why CIOs should be focused on how technology is changing and how it will affect their organization.

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