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Long-Term Executive Effect Of The Equifax Breach

Many of you may be aware of the 2017 Equifax data breach, which resulted in the divulgence of the financial and personal information of approximately 148 million individuals. Due to this data breach, Equifax recently announced a settlement that necessitates they spend at least $1.38 billion in order to resolve the claims of consumers.

Back To The Future: What IT Will Look Like In 20 Years

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, which makes it quite challenging to gaze into the crystal ball of IT and determine what the future holds. However, by studying the current trends in technology it starts to become clear what will have the biggest impact on the future, and currently, automation and AI seem to be playing a substantial role in shaping IT’s future.

Wealth Managers Use Data

Similar to other major industries, banking is becoming changed through technology and how it is used to alter the nature of customer relationships and represent brands within the industry. The digital revolution has been transformative within the banking industry in regard to how they interact with current and prospective clients.

CIO Job Security

The digital landscape is constantly in flux as new technologies develop and transform the business environment. This fact is especially recognizable to CIOs, whose responsibilities are transformed along with the changing technologies that are being implemented in the workplace.

Business Decision-Making Makeovers

Decision making can be stressful and complicated, especially when these decisions impact your bottom line. A big reason for the complicated nature of modern decision making is the overwhelming amount of data that exists and is at our disposal.

Evolving Role of the modern CIO

Times are changing at a pace that often seems difficult to keep up with and changing in parallel are executive positions and the roles they play within an organization. Looking back on the position of CIO a decade ago would suggest a much different role than that played by CIOs today.