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Time For A Hardware Refresh?

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One of the biggest annoyances of internal IT teams is supporting outdated devices. These devices break more frequently, are security nightmares and make internal IT departments extremely inefficient. It can be easy to put off upgrading your hardware, because after all it works, right? Hardware simply working isn't good enough anymore, not for your IT team and not for the end users. Check out some of the reasons you should make upgrading a priority.



Security Issues Related to Outdated Technology


When companies are operating with dated technology, they are very vulnerable to cybercrime and data breaches. There are a variety of tactics utilized by cybercriminals that exploit systems that haven’t been updated. Without updates and system patches, networks become an ideal target for malicious actors.


Many of the most common vulnerabilities are software related, however outdated hardware is no different. When hardware becomes dated, providers stop supporting specific devices. These unsupported devices include servers, laptops, desktops, and they all must be replaced when support expires. A survey conducted by Spiceworks discovered that almost 1/3rd of organizations kept their servers for 7 years longer than what was covered by warranties.


Unfortunately, many organizations end up replacing hardware when it fails, as opposed to when security issues arise. End-of-support should be a primary reason for hardware replacement.


Retention Rates Improve with Modern Technology


As unemployment falls, retention is more important than ever. A big consideration here is the fact that Millennials will make up approximately 75% of the workforce within the next ten years. Up to date technology goes a long way when it comes to retaining top talent from this generation, as they prioritize technology and entered the workforce in the digital age.


Millennials’ comfort around technology impacts their satisfaction in the workplace, as they take pride in their technological knowledge, and become frustrated when technology can’t keep up with the work they are doing.


Outdated Technology Slows Innovation


Technology is advancing at a rate that is difficult to keep up with. This pace is even more challenging to follow for small businesses. It is impossible to make the most of every benefit that technology offers without a certain technological baseline. This is because new technologies are built on the backs of previous technologies.


It’s for this reason that organizations with outdated hardware feel like they get left behind as new advancements are made. In order to drive innovation, technology must be updated.


If these issues resonate with your organization, you should make sure that you don’t avoid a hardware refresh. There are a lot of challenges associated with these types of updates, which is why we’re here to help. If you’d like to explore how to successfully refresh your hardware contact us using the button below!

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