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Financial Services

Aqueity Awards

Aqueity leverages Datto's backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect their financial services client's uptime.


Weather can have such a drastic effect on every area of our life; business included. Unfortunately, one of our financial services clients lost all power to their office build­ing. With clients all over the country, they need to be available 24-7. The first call was to Aqueity.


Aqueity plans for situations like this. About a year prior to this incident, we recom­mended that our client implement a backup and disaster recovery solution that would allow them to stay operational even if unexpected disaster occured. Spinning up the environment from the cloud was easily completed by one of our experienced consultants. However, this morning, just getting there was the hardest aspect with seven inches of snow on the ground already. Without a question asked, two of our dedicated service technicians jumped in their car and headed to the client in the blizzard.


  • > 1 Hour of downtime
  • $518,000 dollars protected based on industry average.
  • ZERO customer complaints


  • Protected our client's bottom line.
  • Offered Datto as a solution that allowed our client to stay functional through a snowstorm.
  • Build a new level of trust with one of our long-standing clients.