What is the Dark Web, and What Does it Mean to Me?

The dark web. The underbelly of the internet. A hotbed for crime and other less savory activities. Whatever you want to call it, the most important aspect is that you’re aware. Equifax, Facebook, Under Armour, Panera, Saks Fifth Ave have...

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Threat Highlight: Facebook Data Breach

As you may have heard in the news, just last week hackers gained access to 50 million Facebook accounts. Now, a week after the initial Facebook data breach discovery, Facebook is still struggling to explain the exact impact and damage...

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How to Spot a Malicious Email

Do you know how to spot the difference between a legitimate email and a malicious email? In our increasingly digital world, malicious actors are always looking for ways to manipulate unsuspecting victims and gain access to private information online. Employees...

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