Common Skype for Business Issues

Skype for Business has become an extremely common tool utilized in the workplace, yet the platform still has its bugs and issues that occasionally need to be rectified. No business tool exists without its downsides, which is why we would...

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Everyone Should Use a Password Manager

It seems as though every site needs a password these days, and many individuals or businesses just resort to the “simple and easily memorized password” approach. Even worse, some people just decide to use the same password for every site...

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Business Continuity Planning 101

We recently covered the topic of Disaster Recovery (DR), and now we will dive into Business Continuity (BC) planning. It is important to understand that DR and BC are closely related, but not one in the same. While a DR...

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Building a Cyber Aware Company Culture

The weakest link in a company's security is, without a doubt, the human element. Cyber criminals know this and are exploiting it with targeted attacks now more than ever. In fact, a recent study showed that 91% of cyber-attacks and the resulting...

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