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Our IT staff manages our day-to-day IT operations.We currently work with another IT firm like Aqueity.Yesterday we drew straws to see who will troubleshoot the router!
We've grown and need someone to be dedicated to the day-to-day IT responsibilities.We have an IT-related issue and we need help now!We have an IT project in mind, or we're buried and need some extra help.
Yes, we have systems currently operating in the cloud.No, but we're definitely interested.Not sure. Tell me more about this 'cloud' you speak of.
We have stubborn, ongoing IT issues.Our computers and/or network are soooooo slllloooowwwww.Let me get back to you when I find that file I've spent the last two days searching for.
Absolutely. Our files are currently air-tight.We were hoping you could tell us.Help! Where the @#@! did our files go?

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