Dan’s Desk – 3 Traits of Every Successful Business

What I’ve Learned

My love for technology started when I was a kid. I took apart my family’s home computer in hopes to make it faster. While I worried my ambition might leave our family with a broken computer, my parents embraced my curiosity and encouraged me to follow my passion. While in college, I wanted to apply everything I learned about business and embrace my passion for technology to create extraordinary client experiences. This led to the formation of Aqueity. 

In 1996 you would have found me building custom computers for small businesses, with an Aerosmith-heavy soundtrack blaring in the background. 25+ years later, this one-man band is now an established, IT services company trusted by many major organizations across the country.

For the past 25+ years, I have learned so much from both winning and losing. This is why I wanted to share my view of the top 3 traits every successful business has. Now many companies have these traits already but are they implementing them correctly?


Innovation and technology go hand in hand but at its core, both should be used to make your life and your client’s life easier. Innovation is essential in today’s ultra-competitive business environment. You cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. From experience, I know that unforeseen business challenges are inevitable. The solution to this is continuous innovation. At Aqueity, we are constantly exploring innovative solutions that allow us to improve efficiency for our business and our client’s businesses.


Many organizations struggle with accountability. It is vital that all organizations hold EVERYONE accountable (Including leaders). Accountability is key to building trust throughout an organization. You can achieve this by creating meaningful and realistic goals for your team. Since these goals are meaningful and realistic you are then able to hold your team accountable to complete them. Leadership should help support others in achieving these goals which in turn creates a healthy, productive, and positive work culture. 


We pride ourselves on the culture that we’ve built at Aqueity. I believe that culture is the glue that holds your business together. It upholds your company’s values, identity, and talent. Positive work culture has the power to help retain and attract those rock stars. When trying to improve your company’s culture try asking yourself “Why would anyone want to work here?” and go from there. At Aqueity, we believe that positive customer experiences begin with positive employee experiences. It is no surprise that we center our core values around being Caring, Accountable, and Results-Driven!

If done right these 3 traits will help build a stronger company. Just know it’s not easy, I have never met a business leader who had a smooth road, and I am no exception. The most important thing you can do is just take that initial step forward.

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