Does Your IT Provider Measure Up?

Does Your IT Provider Measure Up?

3 MORE Aspects of a Great IT Provider

Deciding who will handle your most important digital assets is no easy task. Whether you’re searching for a new Chicago IT support provider or feel like it’s time to put your current one to the test, we hope this info will provide you with some clarity. We previously covered this topic on the blog in 3 Critical Aspects of a Great IT Provider, and now we will dig in a bit further and add 3 more to the list.

They Care About Your Business Goals

Far too many IT providers stick to the script and only focus energy on your technical infrastructure. However, you should look for a provider that is also interested in broader details about your business. A great IT provider will ask questions that revolve around the strategy and goals of your organization, as the answers to these questions will inform the work they do.

There is an important synergy that occurs between these business-oriented questions and the more commonly asked technology questions. With a solid understanding of both pieces, an IT provider can really get to the heart of what your company does and where you’d like technology to help you evolve and meet your challenges head on. If they don’t seem interested in these higher-level questions, they likely won’t be prepared to truly assist you in the ways that you are hoping.

They Are Adaptable & Agile

When the proverbial s**t hits the fan, how will you know your IT provider is capable of dropping everything and resolving your issues? What you need to look for is a tendency to adapt with ease and remain agile while handling issues that arise.

If your IT provider doesn’t adapt to changes or new situations with ease, they will likely struggle during the moments that you need them the most.

A Focus on Customer Service

Any great IT provider will really emphasize customer service. This attribute is crucial when it comes to any business relationship, and IT is no different. A determining factor is if you are provided a direct contact and that contact is continually striving to nurture the relationship.

Your direct contact should be responsive and regularly working to not only strengthen your relationship but also help you use technology to achieve your business goals. It is your IT providers responsibility to focus on the service they provide you and ensure your continued satisfaction. If they aren’t focusing on this, who will?

There are many layers to the relationship your organization has with its IT provider, and these three aspects should certainly be high on the list. If you’d like to explore these three aspects in more detail or discuss additional attributes to look for when considering an IT provider, reach out to us today!