Don’t Lose Those Emails; 6 Ways You’ll Benefit From Email Archiving

Don’t Lose Those Emails; 6 Ways You’ll Benefit From Email Archiving

To put it simply, email archiving preserves all of the data contained in email messages, and makes the content easy to recall. Inbound and outbound communications, as well as any email attachments, are placed in a secure repository that exists outside of production environments.


There are significant benefits to organizations that choose to implement email archiving, as well as ways to help your IT team avoid future headaches. The following are six ways in which your organization will benefit from email archiving.

Reduced Storage Requirements

Email archiving results in saved space on your company’s servers. This ultimately means that you can save resources by cutting back on the need for available storage space. Required storage is reduced in two primary ways. First compression technology is used to compress emails and attachments. Secondly, deduplication guarantees that your archiving solution stores just one copy of each message and/or attachment.

Data Loss Prevention

It’s fairly common for team members to accidentally delete emails that contain important information. This puts your company at risk of losing business critical data. The right archiving solution removes this risk, as all emails are stored automatically.

Increased Server Performance

Server performance can become an issue when too many emails build up and occupy space unnecessarily. Archiving emails removes them from a live environment, which means that they can be deleted from the mail server. They will still be properly archived and stored and will no longer tax your server.

Simplified Backup and Restore

A more efficient backup process is made possible by a reduced data load on your email server. Additionally, employees gain the ability to quickly restore archived emails to their inbox with just one click. This process makes time for your IT staff to focus on more important issues.

Removes Human Error

Human error is actually the primary cause of data loss. Email archiving reduces the chance of human error that leads to both data loss and compliance issues down the line.

Helps to ensure compliance

Last but certainly not least are the compliance benefits of email archiving. Compliance regulations are notorious for requiring a lot of focus from a company’s IT department. Archiving allows for compliance rules and regulations to be easily met, as you will be able to restore emails on demand if needed for the purposes of auditing or litigation.

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