Everyone Should Use a Password Manager

Everyone Should Use a Password Manager

It seems as though every site needs a password these days, and many individuals or businesses just resort to the “simple and easily memorized password” approach. Even worse, some people just decide to use the same password for every site that requires one. Instead, we suggest you consider the use of a password manager, which will save your credentials and offer a variety of login options.

Why a Password Manager?

A password manager will help you maintain unique and highly effective passwords for every site that you visit, without the stress of having to memorize every individual piece of login information. These tools essentially function as a digital safe that will house all of your passwords, keep them secure, and even assist with the creation of stronger password options.

This isn’t only about keeping your data safe, it is also a tool that helps simplify your digital life. Being that everyone should use a different password for each site they visit, a password manager will help you keep all of that information in one secure location for you to access at any time.

For many years people and companies have taken password advice that has now proven to be counterproductive, and actually increases the vulnerability of data theft and hacks. With a password manager you can ensure that your information is kept extremely safe, all while avoiding the stress associated with creating and memorizing the perfect password for every site you visit.

How Does a Password Manager Work?

Typically, a password manager will be installed as a browser plug in. Once installed the manager will capture and replay any passwords that you would like it to, as it offers to save credentials upon login. Once saved, those credentials will automatically populate anytime you log in to that particular site. If you happen to have multiple login credentials for any given site, the password manager will provide multiple login options.

Many of these products have the ability to detect changes that were made to a password and offer to update the record as it exists. Once your passwords are stored within the manager, it will help you identify and adjust any duplicate or weak passwords. After this data is pinpointed, the password manager will help you replace the weak passwords with secure ones.

Some password managers even automate the password change so that you don’t have to spend time dreaming up an ideal password, only to forget it a few days later. This portion of the tool is known as a random password generator, and most products have this feature built in. Additionally, these products function across all platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Here are a few worth considering…


Syncs across all platforms and devices and includes digital inheritance and secure sharing.

Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

Functions across all platforms and web browsers, offers two-factor authentication for added security, and even provides optional secure file storage.


Provides great customer support, offers enhanced multi-factor authentication, and provides 1gb of secure file storage.


Syncs across all platforms and devices, offers VPN protection, and scans the dark web for accounts that have been compromised.

Sticky Password

Offers secure no-cloud Wi-fi sync, provides two-factor authentication, and manages devices via online console.

Technology is in a constant state of change, with new features and tools being created every day. Naturally as more and more private information makes its way into the digital space, users want to do everything in their power to ensure that their information is secure. Start by unlearning the old password techniques and incorporating the new.

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