How To Prioritize IT Spending In 2019

How To Prioritize IT Spending In 2019

Driving innovation and meeting your organization’s goals requires some important decisions from business leaders. One of the critical decisions that demands attention is where IT investments should be made. There are some areas of IT that yield a higher return on investment and deserve their own business initiatives at your organization.

Cybersecurity and operational efficiency are two aspects of IT that are seeing a lot of well-deserved attention and driving investments. We want to take a look at some ways to improve upon these initiatives through focused IT spending.


The Cloud


The most direct way to improve your operational efficiency is through investments that focus on the cloud. By migrating applications to the cloud, you can make deployment, management, and your ability to scale much easier. This in turn improves efficiency and customer experience.

It is critical to always consider cyber security when dealing with IT, and when it comes to the cloud this is especially important. According to a report from Threat Stack, 54% of businesses have concerns about outgrowing their current security solutions. If this does occur, then your company is at a higher risk of data theft or a security breach. This is why it is important to allocate enough funds for cloud security.




The foundation of strong IT investments is data analytics and improving your ability to visualize the future through data. Investing in analytics prepares you for what lies ahead, as you can develop a roadmap that is based on hard data and helps facilitate growth.

Data analytics can help form connections between the other areas of IT that you might be investing in, including security and customer experience. Strong analytics will help you understand how all of these things are interconnected in order for you to improve upon their relationships and make them all stronger in the process.

Process Modernization


In order to effectively approach operational efficiency and ensure that data is secure, it’s important to modernize your processes. If your organization aims to deliver its services in a timely and secure fashion, focus your IT efforts on modernizing your methods of delivery and the security of the process.

If your organization requires a modernization of processes, there will certainly be a fair amount of effort involved. Many businesses in the public sector are experiencing this need to modernize, and it should be viewed as an opportunity. You can take this time to improve upon your current business processes and workflow.

The result of these efforts will be a more efficient operation, which will help facilitate improved service delivery at a higher level of quality.


A failure to prioritize IT spending puts your organization at risk. You might end up with data security concerns, or a loss of valuable business opportunities. By maximizing the value of your spending and focusing it on initiatives that drive growth and innovation, you are positioning your organization for long term success. If you’d like to explore additional ways that you can successfully prioritize your IT spending this year, contact us at 630-769-8700 or via our online form.