Is your business mobile-friendly?

Is your business mobile-friendly?

When it comes to technology, the future is already here. The smartphone has become the umbilical cord connecting us to our lives, both personal and professional. More and more people are using smartphones for email, social media, and Internet browsing—both for work and pleasure. And since smartphones access everything, many people take their work home in their pockets, even the professional Chicago IT support team here at Aqueity.

Is your business prepared for this brave new world? If you don’t have a mobile website or app, it may be time to consider investing in one.

Your website on the small screen


Generally, smartphones can access most websites—but that doesn’t always mean the user can view or navigate easily. Depending on how your website is currently set up, it may be slow or even nearly impossible to load on mobiles. Additionally, the size of your website may make it difficult to view on smaller screens.  Many IT Services in Chicago are listed on fully-responsive, mobile-friendly websites that allow visitors ease of use. Smartphone users get frustrated having to scroll around a lot, and they may skip your site in favor of a more phone-friendly competitor.

Learn how customers are seeing you


Some of your page views may already be coming from smartphones. You can use free Google Analytics tools to find out what percentage of traffic comes from PCs and mobiles. Sign up at www.google.com/analytics to get started.

What does a mobile website cost?


There are a few different avenues open to you when it comes to creating a mobile-friendly website. You can get your existing website redesigned for mobile optimization and have a single destination for all visitors. If you’d rather keep your existing website for PC users, you could either design a separate mobile website or create a smartphone app.

For a separate site, you’ll need to buy a new domain and pay for hosting. With any of the options, the costs will include web design and development (or app development) and maintenance/upkeep fees.

However, if you’re interested in broadening your customer base and reaching more people faster, providing a mobile website or app is a solid investment in today’s on-the-go marketplace.

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