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The Aqueity Story

Like many of the tech giants we admire, Aqueity was born in our founder’s garage in the 90s. Way back in 1996, you would have found Dan Dunn building custom computers for small businesses, with an Aerosmith-heavy soundtrack blaring in the background.

Nearly 25 years later, Dan is still just as obsessed with computers and helping businesses thrive. But what was once a small, one-man band is is now an established, IT services company trusted by major companies across the country.

Lots of things have changed in that time, but our values have never wavered. From the start, we’ve always prized transparency, communication and personalized, human service. And also Dan still rocks out to Aerosmith.

 Aqueity IT Offices

What Sets Aqueity Apart?

We know you have a lot of options when choosing an IT company, and sometimes it can be tough to tell one from another.

So here’s where we tell you what makes us different...

we care

Proven Experience & Expertise

Since 1996, Aqueity has been providing technology services and business consulting to hundreds of Chicago area clients. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about the kind of people we need to deliver on the bold promises we make. That’s why we have an in-depth hiring process that ensures only the most knowledgeable, innovative and friendly individuals make it to our team.

Aqueity Awards

Passion for Superior Service

We truly believe that our IT knowledge isn’t worth much if it’s not delivered with impeccable and personal service. We know how much rides on the seamless function of your company’s technology, so we strive to always be transparent, communicative and kind in every interaction. The only true measure of our success is your stability and satisfaction.

Aqueity Stack of Laptops

Unbiased Approach

Aqueity is a tech-agnostic company. This means that we have no allegiance or agreement with any specific brands or products. Being unbiased in this way allows us the freedom to offer the best and most appropriate recommendations to our clients.

Let’s put it this way - we’ll never push you to buy a brand new Mercedes when a used Toyota will do the job. Your budget and needs are the only factors that guide our advice.

Aqueity Partnership Employee at Desk

Trusted Partnership

We want you to see Aqueity as your long-term partners. Technology is ingrained in so many of the major decisions your business makes, and we want to help you make the best choices by lending our expertise. As an integral part of your team, Aqueity will implement tools to boost efficiency, encourage productivity, and drive revenue.

But that’s not where we stop - we’ll also offer suggestions to encourage new ideas and deliver fresh insights,  building an innovative game plan to take your business to its next—and highest—level.