Live Webinar

IT Roadmaps:

What you need to know & why you should have one

Join us on February 23rd from 1-2 pm CST

Discussion with Aqueity CEO, Dan Dunn


When done right, IT roadmaps will offer you a bird’s eye view that can help you eliminate spend on outdated technologies and systems and implement solutions that give you a competitive advantage. We’ll discuss everything you need to know to turn IT roadmaps into effective business tools. Join our experts as they engage through live chat and eye-opening live behind-the-scenes Q&A opportunities.

Join us LIVE on February 23rd, from 1- 2 pm CST to Learn:

  • Why executives should care and understand the importance of IT roadmaps
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • How to do MORE with LESS
  • Frequency of review best practices

Meet The Experts

Dan Dunn

CEO, Aqueity

Barry Saltzman

CFO, Aqueity

Michael Mask

VP of Client Engagement

Meet The Experts

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