I’ve Been Hacked! Now What Do I Do?

I’ve Been Hacked! Now What Do I Do?

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Unfortunately this happens daily, so we have a game plan that works. While you wait to connect with Aqueity, we recommend you start with the following steps:

Don’t Panic!

It is important to not overreact or panic when a data breach does occur. Make sure that you take the time to gather all of the facts before acting. There are instances where companies go into fire drill mode over a false alarm, and work themselves into a frenzy before they know what kind of breach has occurred. Aqueity's experts can guide you through the process – providing protection and peace of mind.

Change Passwords

Your passwords are your first line of defense, which is why you should always change them after a data breach. This step should be taken immediately, even if there was not a breach this is a good practice. In the event you’ve been compromised this may mitigate further damage.

Verify The Breach

Next, you will need to determine if a breach actually occurred, and Aqueity can take the lead on this. Cybercriminals can be rather crafty with their tactics, and attempt to make you believe a breach took place in order to convince you to send them personal or sensitive information. Take the time to confirm that a breach did in fact occur.

Determine What Has Been Affected

Determine exactly what information was accessed and potentially stolen. This may include credit card information, SSN information or other sensitive data. To ensure the right next step, you need to know what was impacted. Every situation is unique and has its own response.

Determine Why There Was A Breach

If you can get to the bottom of how and why the breach occurred, then you can properly position yourself to fortify your defenses. Once you have a handle on “how could this have happened” you can then start adjusting your security plan accordingly.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Now that you are in possession of the facts, it is important to connect with those affected. Customers, clients, employees and vendors need to be informed. Regulatory obligations, compliance requirements and business ethics will determine when and how you engage your stakeholders about a breach. A trusted advisor can help manage this part of the process.

Never again ! – Aqueity can help fortify your defenses

When the dust settles, you will want to improve your security posture. In our experience there will be a heightened interest in the following: 

  • Probe deeper to identify vulnerabilities
  • Proactively monitor the environment and create alerts
  • Change the culture by training employees to improve awareness, bolster your first line of defense and avoid self-inflicted problems
  • Refine and redistribute updated policies and procedures
  • Formalize an incident response plan
  • Implement key technologies to prevent issues and minimize threats
  • Institute periodic reviews/assessments
  • Cultivate relationships with security experts
  • Include security at the center of future IT roadmaps

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving and requires regular attention. You can rely on Aqueity as a partner to help you respond today and improve your future posture.

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