IT Security Assessment

We take security seriously.

At Aqueity, we understand that the success of your business depends on the health of your data. With new and sophisticated threats emerging every day, it’s critical to keep your information protected around the clock. Aqueity’s IT Security Assessment services are designed to help you stay abreast of constantly changing technologies and best practices, and to keep you in the best possible security position.

Although information security is most top-of-mind for numbers-focused industries, such as finance and banking, all businesses should be aware of potentially devastating threats.

How it Works

Stage 1:

Our information security experts will start by conducting an in-depth assessment of your IT environment.

Stage 2:

Next, we’ll create clear reports and documentation that detail any potential business risks.

Stage 3:

Our team can also assist in remediation efforts—both technical and policy related—to ensure that you remain compliant with all regulations…and enjoy priceless peace of mind.

Read on for some of the key areas covered by our IT Security Assessment services.

External Penetration Test

The goal of this assessment is to determine the strength or vulnerability of your perimeter defenses, in regard to potential attacks from hackers or viruses outside of your organization. Using the latest technology tools, our security consultants will examine all of your servers, firewalls, routers, Domain Name System, and other components of your infrastructure. You’ll receive a detailed report of all identified risks, along with our recommended solutions.

Internal Penetration Test

This test measures the strength of your network’s defense from an “inside” point of view. Aqueity will identify and mimic the actions of an actual attacker, performing a comprehensive scan of all internal resources, such as servers, network equipment, and workstations. We’ll pinpoint any potential risks or vulnerabilities that could be used to disrupt the confidentiality, availability, or integrity of the network from within.

Vulnerability Scan

With this comprehensive scan, we’ll use cutting-edge technologies to crawl all levels of your critical systems—servers, network components, and more. Any misconfigured or outdated systems, as well as common system vulnerabilities, will be identified.

Social Engineering Test

Even the most well-intentioned policies won’t be effective if your employees aren’t aware of them. We’ll take a two-stage approach to assess your employees’ awareness of security policies and potential threats. First, we’ll execute a targeted phone campaign to try to gain passwords and other information. Next, we’ll launch an email blast that will look like it came from the IT department asking for credentials, or prompting recipients to click on a link. These efforts will determine the level of education users need about your information security policies.

Regardless of industry or specialty, the safety and integrity of your data is critical to your success. Trust the Aqueity team to keep you safe and compliant, so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers. Contact us to schedule your security assessment today.