Messaging Solutions

Communications is at the heart of every successful business. Aqueity offers Messaging Solutions that enable you to better utilize convergent communication technologies in order to streamline operations, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Aqueity is specialized in enterprise instant messaging and live support software. Customers can access rich features for desk management, web chat, pro messenger, LAN messenger, Expert messenger, etc. These messaging solutions appropriately fit for customer support and marketing programs that can increase Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


Messages can be in any formats such as fax, email, SMS voice and text to voice. We help our clients send messages from any digital device like (desktop, PDA, GSM, G3, landline or G4 fax); send to lists & include attachments (word, WAV, Excel, PDF, mp3, and Jpeg); send videos & barcodes. You can obtain responses by using Aqueity’s voice recognition technology and messages can be broadcast with list management, mail merge, archive and/or forward, embargo send and more.