Server & Workstation Support Services

Your hardware is one of the most important components of your IT configuration. With Aqueity, you can keep it running smoothly with a minimum investment of time and cost. Our services have you covered every step of the way:


Our highly trained technology specialists will evaluate your current infrastructure of servers and workstations, and then make expert recommendations for ways to increase efficiency and dependability.


Too often, businesses let non-technical personnel conduct highly sensitive hardware installations. When you partner with Aqueity, we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure that your data is properly backed up. When necessary, our technicians will even come on-site to physically install or repair your equipment.


As part of our comprehensive Unified Vision plan, we’ll continue to monitor your servers, workstations, and operating systems, deploying any necessary updates and patches to ensure connectivity, security, and stability. Any potential issues are addressed and resolved promptly, before they can impact your core business operations.