Aqueity Threat Check (ATC)

Aqueity Threat Check (ATC)

Companies who don’t invest in network security are likely to become victims to the ever increasing number of cyber-attacks. Aqueity understands this ever expanding threat and has answered with – the Aqueity Threat Check, or ATC. Our ATC is a security assessment of your environment designed to uncover many hidden risks and potential threats that face your company. If your organization is looking to enhance network security measures, increase productivity and/or gain greater control over your entire network, having an ATC is a necessity. No contracts or legal documents are required to participate and your organization will not experience interruptions in daily work flow.

How Does the ATC Process Work?

First, our zero interruption security appliance is installed and will monitor the activity of your network over a seven to ten-day period. Then, the data collected can be shared with our security professionals at Aqueity. This report will contain information pertaining to the overall stability of your network as well as any malware or bots that attempted a data breach; applications most vulnerable to attack will also be displayed. You’ll also obtain full visibility regarding which applications network users were running throughout the day.

After completion of the final assessment, an Aqueity security professional will meet with you to review the findings and discuss ways to address security gaps.

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