Tech Tips

The internet doesn’t come with an instruction manual. That is why you need tech tips that you can trust. For more than 25+ years Aqueity has been helping small and medium-sized Chicago-based businesses utilize technology to help accelerate their business forward. 

These top 3 tech tips are carefully curated by Aqueity’s very own team of IT experts. Whether at work or home, these tips are designed to make your life easier. 

Tech Tip #1 Task Bar Customization

This tip is very simple but can greatly change the way you work. Right-click on your taskbar and you will see view taskbar customization. From here you will have the option to customize the positioning of the taskbar, the option to hide the taskbar, adjust icon size, and so much more.

Many people do not have the “Show Task View button” checked. If enabled, you can create a new desktop if you so choose. This can be beneficial for those who need multiple workspaces.

Tech Tip #2 Focus Assist

We’ve all been there before. Your notifications are going off like crazy. You’re finding it hard to concentrate and you wish you had just 15 minutes of uninterrupted peace. Well, you’re in luck! With Focus assist, you can create rules that factor in the time and type of activities for when you do not want to be disturbed. You can even set a priority-only list so you can only see the notifications that are most important to you. 

Tech Tip #3 Has Your Personal Info Been Compromised? Find Out

UH OH, you just clicked on that sketchy email by accident. Is your sensitive data floating around for bad actors to steal? Only one way to find out! By entering your email address or phone number, on you can find out if you’ve been compromised. With data breaches and cyber attacks only increasing year after year, it does not hurt to check if you have been pwned. 

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