Aqueity FAQs

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For more than a decade Aqueity has helped a variety of industries with their IT consulting needs, focusing on the greater Chicago-land area. Our clients have spanned dozens of industries, including but not limited to medical, financial/banking services, non-profits, education, advertising/marketing, and consulting. While many of our our clients are based in Illinois, quite a few have remote offices across the United States, especially our clients in the consulting industry. Aqueity is well-equipped to help local companies as well as those throughout the country. Companies employing between 10 and 300 employees with one or more servers will reap the most benefit from our services.
We do have clients that utilize our services on an hourly, On-demand basis, but most find our Unified Vision managed IT support plans to be the most cost-effective services for their business. You can also work with Aqueity on a per-project basis.
All response and resolution times will be detailed in your Aqueity service agreement. The priority of most service tickets is based on the severity of the issue, as well as the number of users impacted by the reported problem. Emergency after hours IT support has a guaranteed one hour response time.
Of course we can. No technician can be expected to know every business application so our technical team will spend time learning the basics of the application so he/she will be prepared to help when called upon.
We believe that trust is essential to building a long-term working relationship. To ensure that we gain yours, we invite you to speak with any of our current clients (otherwise known as “raving fans”) to hear about their experiences with our IT services. Our team takes the time to fully understand and document the details of your business and network configurations. Aqueity employs only the industry’s best Chicago IT consulting experts, each of whom passes a series of extensive background checks and certifications to ensure your peace of mind.
We like to think of ourselves as the best of both worlds – the ideal middle ground between one-man shops (many of whom can’t keep up with demanding workloads) and big conglomerates (who see you as just another customer record in their database). We work closely with our clients, developing personal relationships and gaining an extensive familiarity with their processes and applications. Aqueity operates with complete transparency, and are upfront about all issues and fees associated with IT services. Regardless of the project or the specific circumstances, we’ll do everything within our power to achieve the best possible result and turn all of our clients into raving fans.
Hourly Chicago IT consulting companies may have the expertise you need, but the bills can rack up fairly quickly, and you only have access to one person’s time and resources. At Aqueity, you have a variety of ways to tap our IT experience and experience including Unified Vision fully managed IT support, project-based support and On-Demand hourly support. By leveraging an Aqueity Unified Vision support plan, you’ll be able to anticipate a predictable, monthly IT budget that includes all support aspects, on-site support, monitoring, patching, and operations of your infrastructure. As a result, you’ll be able to strategically redirect IT resources, reduce unanticipated support costs, and plan your expenses accurately.
At Aqueity, we understand that every business is unique, and that no one service plan fits all. That’s why we offer highly customizable plans. From basic IT support when you can’t remember where the power button is, to all-inclusive installation and management and every degree of customization in between, we’ll help you build a Unified Vision plan that’s designed for the specific needs of your growing business. Start building the Unified Vision plan that is right for you today.Contact Aqueity at 630-426-7256 for expert assistance with choosing a plan or a la carte service option(s) that fits your business.
A majority of computer issues can be fixed remotely, ensuring prompt resolution to many common problems. When you first open a ticket, an Aqueity technician will contact you to request permission to access your computer remotely. Most issues can be diagnosed and resolved in less time than it would take an in-house IT tech to walk over to your office. In cases when a physical presence is needed, Aqueity will deploy a technician to quickly resolve the issue.
You can still benefit from our value-added IT services. Some Aqueity clients have existing full or part time IT employees. In some cases, we provide level 1 support to end users, as well as patching systems and monitoring servers and internet connections and other times we complete project work that they don’t have time for.
Absolutely not! After establishing an IT consulting plan that fits the need of your business, an Aqueity representative will prepare an agreement that outlines the details of the services to be provided. If for any reason you decide that Aqueity is not right for your company, we first ask that you give us the chance to make it right, and if that’s not possible and you no longer need Aqueity’s services, we will work with you to terminate your agreement.
New service begins with a complete assessment of your current network infrastructure, identification of any areas that need attention immediately and suggestions for future initiatives that we recommend. After all key information is gathered, we will create a seamless plan to transfer from your existing provider to Aqueity. Contact Aqueity at 630-426-7256 to get started today!